Why Put Mileage on Your RV When You Don't Have To?

Keep your motorhome in storage this winter

Avoid wear and tear on your motorhome, camper or trailer by storing your vehicle in a convenient location. If you spend your summers in the Winslow, ME area, keep your vehicle secure at Maine Boat RV Storage. We're the storage facility of choice for out-of-state residents with Class A, B and C motorhomes.

We offer flexible rental terms and affordable pricing. Your storage options include...

One year

$5.50/linear foot
per month

Seven months

$6/linear foot
per month


$7/linear foot
per month

Contact us today to reserve a storage space.

We can store your car

We can store your car

Salt can corrode your car's undercarriage, and rain or hail can ruin its paint job. Keep your vehicle protected from the elements by storing it at Maine Boat RV Storage.

We've got a storage space for your muscle, luxury or classic car. Your vehicle will stay safe, clean and dry at our secure and insulated storage facility.

We offer battery charging services for just $10 per month. Contact us today to learn more.

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