Keep Your Car Safe in Storage

Follow these tips for safe, secure storage

Do you know how to get your road-ready vehicle ready for storage? When you store your car at Maine Boat RV Storage, we recommend you do the following to make sure your car stays in tiptop shape while in storage:

To prevent deterioration during storage, we recommend:

  • Deep cleaning the interior and exterior of your car
  • Running the engine to remove excess moisture in the oil pan or exhaust system
  • Putting air in your tires to prevent tire flat spots
  • Disconnecting your car battery to extend the life of the unit

By following these steps, you'll be able to drive your car again as soon as it's out of storage. Contact us today to find out more about how you can protect your car while it's in storage.

Different precautions are required for short-term and long-term storage

To protect your vehicle during a short-term stay in storage, we recommend:

  • Adding a fuel preservative to keep the fuel in your vehicle from breaking down and damaging your vehicle
  • Filling your gas tank to reduce the risk of in-take condensation
  • Running your vehicle before storing your vehicle to ensure fuel is distributed throughout the car

Sometimes you need to store your vehicle for longer than a few weeks. To prepare your vehicle for long-term storage, we recommend:
  • Changing your oil and filters
  • Flushing and replacing your antifreeze
  • Flushing and replacing your brake fluid

No matter what make or model your car might be, you can count on Maine Boat RV Storage to store it safely. Call us at 207-313-6248 now to discuss your storage options with a local specialist.

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